Signs it’s Time to Schedule Transmission Service

Your vehicle includes many important components underneath the hood. Each component plays an important role in the smooth operation and durability of the vehicle. The engine and transmission are the two most important components inside of the vehicle. It is extremely important to pay attention to these components and take immediate action if you notice signs of trouble. Here, we’ll let you know more about the signs that it’s time to schedule transmission service at the local mechanic shop.

Sign One: Number of Miles

rebuilt transmission

How many miles have you driven the car since the last fluid change? Refer to the owner’s manual to learn the frequency of transmission changes recommended for your vehicle. Adhere to this schedule, which is usually around 30,000 miles. If it is nearing or past this point, it’s time to change the transmission oil.

Sign Two: Leaks

A leaky transmission is usually a sign that severe damage with the transmission has occurred. Check the fluid often to ensure that leaks aren’t a problem. If you do not respond to the leak fast, expect to replace the component with a rebuilt transmission in the near future.

Sign Three: Smells

Does the transmission fluid smell like it is burning when you turn on the car or while you’re driving? If so, those smells are likely indicators that it’s beyond time to change the fluid. Change the fluid to stop those smells and to prolong the life expectancy of the vehicle.

Final Words

There are many signs that suggest a problem with the transmission in your vehicle. The signs above are among the many that you should not ignore. Don’t wait until it’s too late to schedule transmission service. Keep an eye on things and if you notice the issues above, take action at once.