Signs Your Vehicle Needs Suspension Work

The suspension system in your vehicle is an important part of the car that we so often take for granted. The suspension provides us with a smooth, comfortable ride, but if it isn’t cared for, that may not happen. Additionally, the suspension system wears out over time, requiring a repair. Many signs indicate that it’s time to schedule suspension work lakewood co. Do you know those signs? Find a few of the biggest signs you need suspension work listed below.

1.    Car Rides Rough: If your car seems to bounce every time you hit a bump or you feel them immensely, it’s probably caused by shocks or struts that have worn out. This is the most obvious sign that is time for suspension repair.

2.    Nose Dive: Do you notice the vehicle nose dives when coming to a stop? This problem occurs with severely worn out shocks. If you experience this problem, it may cause serious damage to the car.  Now is the time to get a repair.

3.    Uneven Tire Tread: Inspect the tires. Is the tread unevenly wearing or do you have bald spots in the tires? These signs indicate a problem with the vehicle’s suspension system that you shouldn’t ignore.

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4.    Damaged Shocks: Damaged shocks are easily visible if you raise the hood on your car. If the shocks look greasy or oily, it’s time to call a mechanic to schedule repair because there is a good chance there is also a leak.

The four signs above are just a few that indicate the need for suspension work. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you drive -suspension work is a part of regular maintenance. Call in help when the signs say it’s time and protect and prolong the lifetime and efficiency of your vehicle.